We are a self governing organisation working under the umbrella of "The Third Age Trust", established in 1989. We share the common philosophy, aims and objectives of our parent organisation. In the U3A, retired or semi-retired people from all walks of life and all ages (there is no upper or lower age limit) can meet like minded men and women to expand their knowledge, share interests and acquire new skills. Retired people have gained a lifetime of experience, expertise and know-how from our occupations, professions or hobbies and we are actively encouraged and helped to form study groups to share this knowledge.

Gardening Group - This meets every third Thursday of the month at 2.30pm 4.00pm. However they arrange to visit several gardens and nurseries during the year, so the meetings are not necessarily at the hall
Contact Annette Jefferies (01453 450836), Barbara Costello (01453 750343) or Wendy Sparrow (01453 759978)

Keep Fit Group - This meets every Wednesday from 2.00pm - 4.00pm< at the hall.
Contact Bernice Boss (01453 759231)

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Branch Charity number 1030673